Cif Professionnel Oxy-gel multi-usages parfum Orchidée 2x5L - Multi-usages à l'oxygel actif parfum Orchidée

No. d'article 7517876
Concentrated, easy to dilute and no rinse heavy duty cleaner.Contains micro oxygen bubbles that aids the lifting of dirt from surfaces.Easily removes grease and stubborn dirt leaving a brilliant shine and soothing fragrance.For use on laminates, ceramics, linoleum, vinyl and washable varnished
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Concentrated, easy to dilute and no rinse heavy duty cleaner.Contains micro oxygen bubbles that aids the lifting of dirt from surfaces.Easily removes grease and stubborn dirt leaving a brilliant shine and soothing fragrance.For use on laminates, ceramics, linoleum, vinyl and washable varnished woods.Each 5l makes 100 buckets (5l) or 333 triggers (750ml).

Concentrated, easy to dilute and no rinse heavy duty cleaner. Contains micro oxygen bubbles that aids the lifting of dirt from surfaces. Easily removes grease and stubborn dirt leaving a brilliant shine and soothing fragrance. For use on laminates, ceramics, linoleum, vinyl and washable varnished woods. Each 5l makes 100 buckets (5l) or 333 triggers (750ml).

  • With active oxygen
  • No bleach stains or smell
  • Fresh fragrance
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