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Clax 200 Pur-Eco is an eco-certified, concentrated liquid booster, based on an effective multienzyme solution and nonionics. It is suitable for use in commercial, hospital and on premise laundries.     Clax 200 Pur-Eco is an eco-certified, concentrated liquid booster, based on an effective
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Clax 200 Pur-Eco is an eco-certified, concentrated liquid booster, based on an effective multienzyme solution and nonionics. It is suitable for use in commercial, hospital and on premise laundries. 
 Clax 200 Pur-Eco is an eco-certified, concentrated liquid booster, based on an effective multi-enzyme solution and nonionics. The multi-enzyme solution integrates the full spectrum of stain-busting enzymes, with specific enzymes to help improve whiteness, fabric care and color care. This product shows excellent performance on fatty/oily soil. Once removed from fabric, fat and oil are effectively dispersed by Clax 200 Pur-Eco, thus preventing redeposition. Clax 200 Pur-Eco is mainly used in conjunction with alkalinity boosters and/or mainwash detergents. In combination with the latter its main function is to improve dispersion of fatty and oily soil, thus enhancing wash performance on heavily soiled goods such as cotton and polyester/cotton workwear and tablelinen.In addition this product can be applied for washing mats. The absence of optical brightener renders this product suitable for use on pastel coloured fabric. Nonionics have been specially selected to comply with environmental requirements. 
  • Excellent performance on fatty and oily soil
  • Suitable for use on pastel coloured fabric
  • Nordic SWAN eco-certified product

Clax 200 Pur-Eco is an eco-certified, concentrated liquid booster, based on an effective multi-enzyme solution and nonionics. The multi-enzyme solution integrates the full spectrum of stain-busting enzymes, with specific enzymes to help improve whiteness, fabric care and color care. This product shows excellent performance on fatty/oily soil. Once removed from fabric, fat and oil are effectively dispersed by Clax 200 Pur-Eco, thus preventing redeposition. Clax 200 Pur-Eco is mainly used in conjunction with alkalinity boosters and/or mainwash detergents. In combination with the latter its main function is to improve dispersion of fatty and oily soil, thus enhancing wash performance on heavily soiled goods such as cotton and polyester/cotton workwear and tablelinen.In addition this product can be applied for washing mats. The absence of optical brightener renders this product suitable for use on pastel coloured fabric. Nonionics have been specially selected to comply with environmental requirements.

  • Excellent performance on fatty and oily soil
  • Suitable for use on pastel coloured fabric
  • Nordic SWAN eco-certified product
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