Clax Rust Reclaim 75A1 12kg - Additif de détachage de la rouille - processus de récupération

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Clax Rust Reclaim is an oxalic acid based formula, specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. The product can be used to reclaim linen with rust stains that have not been removed during the normal laundry process     Clax Rust Reclaim is a highly concentrated powder that
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Clax Rust Reclaim is an oxalic acid based formula, specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. The product can be used to reclaim linen with rust stains that have not been removed during the normal laundry process 
 Clax Rust Reclaim is a highly concentrated powder that effectively removes rust along with the build up of iron and other minerals. It is a proven reclaim process that reduces linen replacement cost and improves overall cost efficiency of your laundry process. Clax Rust Reclaim is also required in combination with Clax Renova to reclaim linen with fixed stains from sunscreen oil. 
  • Proven highly effective reclaim process for rust stains
  • Eliminates multiple rewash processes
  • Keeps linen in service longer
  • Whitens and brightens linen containing fixed mineral soils

Clax Rust Reclaim is a highly concentrated powder that effectively removes rust along with the build up of iron and other minerals. It is a proven reclaim process that reduces linen replacement cost and improves overall cost efficiency of your laundry process. Clax Rust Reclaim is also required in combination with Clax Renova to reclaim linen with fixed stains from sunscreen oil.

  • Proven highly effective reclaim process for rust stains
  • Eliminates multiple rewash processes
  • Keeps linen in service longer
  • Whitens and brightens linen containing fixed mineral soils
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