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Des 2 in 1 is an alcohol based 75.3% w/w (71,5% ethanol and 3,8% IPA.) ready to use, hand and surface disinfectant without rinsing. It is suitable for waterless hand disinfection, as well as quick and effective surface disinfectant for the alcohol-safe surfaces and articles in retail, hospitality,
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Des 2 in 1 is an alcohol based 75.3% w/w (71,5% ethanol and 3,8% IPA.) ready to use, hand and surface disinfectant without rinsing. It is suitable for waterless hand disinfection, as well as quick and effective surface disinfectant for the alcohol-safe surfaces and articles in retail, hospitality, school and educational institutions, and healthcare environment. 

  • Hand and surface disinfectant based on ethanol. Ethanol is a disinfectant which is very effective against resident and transient flora such as bacteria (e.g. MRSA) and yeast. It is also effective against Covid-19, enveloped viruses such as influenza and certain nonenveloped viruses such as Norovirus and Adenovirus
  • Has a low viscosity, making it suitable for application through a wide range of hygiene devices where hand and surface disinfectants are needed
  • Perfume-free, skin friendly formulation helping the skin to remain smooth and intact, particularly in areas where frequent hand disinfection is required
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested (Patch test)
  • Ready to use, no rinse, multi-functional 2 in 1 product, reduce operational time by reduce products switching time between hand and surface disinfectant
  • Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms
  • Reduce the chance of cross contaminations in the operations of surface disinfectant by having this 2 in 1 product at hand
  • Skin friendly formulation preventing skin irritation and dehydration.
  • Liquid format suitable for spray application

  • Hand and surface disinfectant based on ethanol. Ethanol is a disinfectant which is very effective against resident and transient flora such as bacteria (e.g. MRSA) and yeast. It is also effective against Covid-19, enveloped viruses such as influenza and certain nonenveloped viruses such as Norovirus and Adenovirus
  • Has a low viscosity, making it suitable for application through a wide range of hygiene devices where hand and surface disinfectants are needed
  • Perfume-free, skin friendly formulation helping the skin to remain smooth and intact, particularly in areas where frequent hand disinfection is required
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested (Patch test)

  • Ready to use, no rinse, multi-functional 2 in 1 product, reduce operational time by reduce products switching time between hand and surface disinfectant
  • Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms
  • Reduce the chance of cross contaminations in the operations of surface disinfectant by having this 2 in 1 product at hand
  • Skin friendly formulation preventing skin irritation and dehydration.
  • Liquid format suitable for spray application
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