Ekcos Power Screen™ 30+ Day Blue / Fresh 10pc

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Urinal screen designed to prevent splashback, protect the floors, and reduce odors for 30 days or more. The best thing about having powerscreen in your urinals is giving your customers a dignified public bathroom experience for the first time ever.      Patented sealed bristle technology helps
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Urinal screen designed to prevent splashback, protect the floors, and reduce odors for 30 days or more. The best thing about having powerscreen in your urinals is giving your customers a dignified public bathroom experience for the first time ever. 
  • Patented sealed bristle technology helps eliminate urine splashback
  • Flexible plastic to conform to any size/shape urinal
  • Infused with a proprietary resin that uses time released deodorant technology
  • Variety of colorful urinal screens with complimentary fragrances
  • VOC compliant and 100% recyclable plastic
  • Versatile
  • Prevents urine splash which contributes to deterioration of floors and wall surroundings
  • Designed for heavily trafficked public restrooms, such as those found in hotels, convention centers, restaurants, and hospitals
  • Emits a fresh/clean scent
  • More days depending on traffic, powerscreen can last longer that 30 days depending on use.
  • Prevents unwanted debris from blocking or clogging the drain
  • Perfect for monthly hygiene services
  • Compatible with Good Sense Breakdown (Bacteria-fortified odour eliminator cleaner) for the waterless urinals

  • Patented sealed bristle technology helps eliminate urine splashback
  • Flexible plastic to conform to any size/shape urinal
  • Infused with a proprietary resin that uses time released deodorant technology
  • Variety of colorful urinal screens with complimentary fragrances
  • VOC compliant and 100% recyclable plastic
  • Versatile

  • Prevents urine splash which contributes to deterioration of floors and wall surroundings
  • Designed for heavily trafficked public restrooms, such as those found in hotels, convention centers, restaurants, and hospitals
  • Emits a fresh/clean scent
  • More days depending on traffic, powerscreen can last longer that 30 days depending on use.
  • Prevents unwanted debris from blocking or clogging the drain
  • Perfect for monthly hygiene services
  • Compatible with Good Sense Breakdown (Bacteria-fortified odour eliminator cleaner) for the waterless urinals
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