TASKI swingo 350 B 1pc - Autolaveuse ultra compacte à batterie

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Cleans and dries more effectively compared to manual cleaning.Accessible to confined areas due to the very low height of the machine body and the handle which can be folded backwards.Due to the systems perfect drying results the risk of slip-falls caused by wet floors is reduced to the
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Cleans and dries more effectively compared to manual cleaning.Accessible to confined areas due to the very low height of the machine body and the handle which can be folded backwards.Due to the systems perfect drying results the risk of slip-falls caused by wet floors is reduced to the minimum.Significantly higher hygiene levels, improving the floor appearance as well as consistency of result.

Cleans and dries more effectively compared to manual cleaning. Accessible to confined areas due to the very low height of the machine body and the handle which can be folded backwards. Due to the systems perfect drying results the risk of slip-falls caused by wet floors is reduced to the minimum. Significantly higher hygiene levels, improving the floor appearance as well as consistency of result.
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